The Revolution Will Be Downloaded

232 years ago tomorrow a small group of men got together and hammered out what would become the founding document of our great Democracy. 72 years later, another group, this time mostly women, but also a few men, gathered together to hammer out what would become the founding document of American Feminism.

The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments are two of the greatest political documents that citizens of this great country have ever produced, aside from our Constitution. They are worth reading again because they reach across the years and speak to us still. They speak to the thoroughly American notion that we, the people, should resist the forces of corruption and unrepresentative control. From our modern perch we can clearly hear the clarion call to our founding ideals: freedom for all people, and fairness for their lives. These ideals have become increasingly absent in our nation, and that fact now threatens the very foundation of the Democratic Party. That is how far we have fallen.

But tomorrow, another small group will release another document in another July. This document will speak to another kind of resistance against another form of corruption and unrepresentative control, this time against the Party that purports to preserve the ideals that Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton enshrined in their documents. Like Jefferson and Stanton, we say no deal to the status quo, and demand that our voices be heard and our concerns addressed.

With this document we present our major objections in language that is natural to the American intellect. We present our rational arguments and make our case for what must be done to resolve the issues borne of this campaign season, as well as the issues borne from years of Democratic acquiescence and inaction. We call this document The Declaration of Objections, and we will release it tonight at 12:01, in commemoration of the 4th of July holiday, and in the spirit of July 1848. It will be posted on this blog and on the blogs of anyone who wants a copy and contacts us at Like Martin Luther’s 95 theses, it will be posted without additional comment or explanation.

Call to Action

Like The Declaration of Independence and The Declaration of Sentiments, this document was originally authored by one author, and modified by others in agreement. The final document then is one of the community, and not the original author. When this document is posted tonight, it will be available for use without attribution. Claim it as your own, because it belongs to you, and you had a hand in shaping it.

And like the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments, change doesn’t just happen in the presence of text. It’s what people do with that text, the life they give it, how it changes them, and the facts on the ground that creates lasting change. So take this document, copy and paste it to as many places online as you can find. Print it out and mail it to your local congressional critters. Mail or e-mail copies to the DNC and the Obama campaign. Somebody, for goodness sakes, please e-mail a copy to Hillary Clinton.

And late Sunday night, after the sun has gone down, take a page from Martin Luther’s play book and print it out, take it down to your local Democratic Party Headquarters or your local Obama Campaign Headquarters and TAPE IT TO THEIR DOOR. Make sure it is there for them as a wake up call when they arrive for work on Monday morning. Make your voices heard by getting out and getting involved. It’s your movement. How are you going to move it?


29 comments on “The Revolution Will Be Downloaded

  1. joaniebone says:

    Thank you so much for this! I do not have a blog, but a group of activists here in Seattle, and I will spread this everywhere!

    It is such an honor to part of this community of true patriots.

    Annabelle, you are wonderful. I am going to post the same comment over at the Confluence.

  2. annabellep says:

    Wow, thanks! Though I think its technically correct to say WE are wonderful! Go, PUMAs, go!

  3. regencyg says:

    Annabelle, I’m posting this at my two personal blogs, as well as send it to PaganPower to post. From there it’ll probably get to NoQuarter. Ask RD if she wants to post it. I’ve read your blog. You’re remarkable. It’s more than time for you to have posting privileges at the Confluence. I’ll also stick it up at the Hillary communities I used to frequent on LiveJournal. It needs to go viral.

    Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  4. annabellep says:

    Not at all. I’d be honored. Thanks! Especially for the feedback. Blogging is a lonely job when you’re just getting started.

    I’m also posting it to Alegre’s corner, the Puma group on Facebook, MyDD, dKos, as well as anywhere I can find that I have posting privileges. Thanks so much for doing your part to get it going viral. I do hope it makes No Quarter. I’ve tried everything I can to get RD’s attention, including e-mailing Katiebird. We’ll just have to see if she sees it in time. Oh, I also e-mailed Dr. Socks at the Reclusive Leftist to see if she wants to get on board.

  5. annabellep says:

    PS, Reg-I clicked on your name to see your blog, but got a 404 page. You might need to update your profile. Just an FYI…

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  7. […] The Revolution will be Downloaded. […]

  8. Zelda says:

    Excellent! And I know exactly where my local DNC office is. I will paste it on their door Sunday night! Thank you! Also, I found your site on river daughter’s site.

  9. Honora says:

    On 4th of July, my crazy(but sweet) part of Baltimore City gets all the kids to ride red. white and blue bikes from the library to the church. At the library, someone (usually a poor English ex-pat) reads the Declaration of Independence. This 4th I will wear my Hillary shirt and have copies of this manifesto. Mawm at Riverdaugher told us that we need to take it to the streets in order for our organization to grow. Spend this weekend getting others involved, it will be the most patriotic thing you ever do. PUMA

  10. annabellep says:

    Thanks Zelda! I love RD’s place.

    Absolutely Honora! I couldn’t agree more. A big part of why I started this blog was to brainstorm ideas for getting PUMA out of the blogosphere as much as it was in the blogosphere. To expand it out, in other words. Thank you so much for your action this weekend!

    We have another hour and a half before I have make final changes and e-mail copies out, so if you folks are interested, mosey on over to 1st Draft: Declaration of Objections and help with the final edit. We’re going down to the wire with this one.

  11. parentofed says:

    So this is your site, Annabellep. I like your feisy PUMA.

  12. Carol says:

    It’s July 4th already in some parts of the country!

    We have our mission – Let us not fail!

    PUMA’$ Who Donate Rock!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  13. I am really from the conflu but-I support your declaration hope to see it soon

    love you all,

  14. Toni4Hill says:

    I can hardly wait and thank you so much for this brilliant idea. I am just so proud right now. This is a powerful movement and it feels like home.

    Power to the People

    Puma Power

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  18. Digging Hillary says:

    AnnabelleP, your Declaration is now on DIGG. PLEASE pass along the link and get those you know in PUMA to pass it along to their blogs. It is the only way to make the mainstream aware of it. There are millions of Hillary supporters who have no idea that this movement is going on. With a few hundred (or better yet thousand) diggs it will pop up on the front page.

  19. annabelle the rumor is we did to good this weekend in reducing hills debt-she is down to $ 5 million the DNC and obama are pressuring her to shut it down(her fundraising) by 07/15/2008 the hireheels girls and I have our thinking caps on and are trying to arange a virtual telethon or virtual walkathon to raise the cash…

    see my post from this time fram ath econflu for more info on the “is this really happening thread” am moving some of the post to alegres thread on the conflu

    we raised $ 4-6 million this weekend more than the DNC raised all June I here.

    they are scared of an open convention if you know someone at the Denver group get them in touch w/ Hireheels through the reg channels


  20. annabellep says:

    $4-6 million this weekend?!?! WOW! That’s fantastic. That’s a fourth of the debt. Thanks for that news fuzzy!

  21. […] campaign debt. Done Dems posted a manifesto. And, Anne Belle at Peacocks and Lillies, in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments, drafted a Declaration of […]

  22. Arabella my sweet we just went over $ 10,000.00 at the confluence and ….Nancy is getting virtual scalping by carol and we scalped and dean is getting a virtual acid high colonic to clean out the sh*t out of his system thathe has been spreading about our hillary the cocktail party is on and …..Rico has put everything on the house if you are here please accept our special invitation!


  23. I wanted you be be sure to see this post from the Conflu:

    fuzzy is going to bed early tonight see ya’all in the morning-

    Creator father-mother God/dess-

    Thank you for my PUMA friends watch over them and protect them all. We are trying to be the embodiment if those who fight the good fight-seeing the the race to its finish where surely a merited laurel crown awaits.

    Tonight I ask a special prayer for our Arabella she was dealt a horrible blow and we love her so much. Watch over her and lead her to bigger and better opportunities, for we know You never close a door with out opening a window. Grant her a window with a view of a better tomorrow.

    For our Hillary we ask you humbly to continue to strengthen her and guide her that she may make the correct desision to bring justice and freedom to our land.


    nite nite


  24. annabellep says:

    Thanks fuzzybear. I don’t know what’s going on with Arabella, but you are right, we do love her so much. She’s a light in the Pumasphere, and I’ll never forget that she was the first person to comment on this blog. Thanks for the note, fuzz.

  25. freemenow says:

    hi annabelle! great post! miss you!



  26. Molly says:


  27. ellurian says:

    Excellent video debunking Obama as unqualified for the presidency.

    Please get this out:

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