You’re own lying eyes

I don’t normally post twice in a morning, but I found something while making the rounds today that absolutely MUST get more attention. H/T Count Us Out via the Confluence. The article is Obama Pays Female Staffers Less Than Males. It’s a reposting from Cybercast News Service, which, admittedly, is a source I know nothing about. I’ll update if I find out more.

But it contains some interesting information on how Obama practices his belief that women deserve equal pay for equal work, or rather, how it’s another lie. Money quote:

The average pay for the 33 men on Obama’s staff (who earned more than $23,000, the lowest annual salary paid for non-intern employees) was $59,207. The average pay for the 31 women on Obama’s staff who earned more than $23,000 per year was $48,729.91. (The average pay for all 36 male employees on Obama’s staff was $55,962; and the average pay for all 31 female employees was $48,729. The report indicated that Obama had only one paid intern during the period, who was a male.)

McCain, an Arizona senator, employed a total of 69 people during the reporting period ending in the fall of 2007, but 23 of them were interns. Of his non-intern employees, 30 were women and 16 were men. After excluding interns, the average pay for the 30 women on McCain’s staff was $59,104.51. The 16 non-intern males in McCain’s office, by comparison, were paid an average of $56,628.83.

The Obama campaign did not respond to written questions submitted on the matter Thursday by Cybercast News Service .

Bolding their’s. So if you’re a woman looking for a job, you stand a better chance at being treated fairly if you get a job with John McCain than if you get one with Barack Obama. Irony alert! Thank goodness our eyes are open this year. But there’s more. I followed a tiny link at that article to another article from April about how both Clinton and McCain were better at practicing equal pay than Obama, and that one came with some handy-dandy charts. You should definitely check out those charts, as well as the info on Clinton. I’d post ’em for you, but they are PDFs.

Keep this information in mind as you consider your options. Remember it when Obama goes on about being the best choice for women, because the Democratic party is the only party women can count on. Speak up about it when anyone asks you why you won’t support the Messiah. Tell them it comes down to this: Who are you gonna believe, Obama, or you’re own lying eyes?

Update: The wiki on CNS. You can judge for yourself whether you trust this information. They did cite the Secretary of the Senate Report ending April 2007 as their source. I haven’t been able to find that report online, but will continue to pursue the information for follow up posts.


2 comments on “You’re own lying eyes

  1. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Annabelle, just for fun, I just went to the John McCain site and gave them the URL to that story, suggesting that they call Obama out on his lie. I would love to see Obama confronted with this in front of the rest of the world outside the internet. 🙂

  2. annabellep says:

    Ha! Awesome, CD. It should definitely get out there. Thanks.

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