Sunday Blog Roundup

I got up early this morning in order to slip an olive oil and sea salt slathered Boston butt in the oven for our dinner guests tonight. If you aren’t familiar with the butt, I highly recommend it as the tastiest pork roast evah. But you gotta know how to cook it (thank you Alton Brown!). It doesn’t even need seasoning outside the olive oil and sea salt, but it does require 12 hours in the oven at about 225 degrees. That’s why it’s a great summer roast–low heat and low maintenance.

All that said, I’ll be busy a lot today, so if you’re looking for reading material, I’ve got some for ya.

Huge Hidden Audiences: This post has nothing to do with PUMA, but it offers info PUMAs can use. Troutfish girl discusses a HUGE hidden audience online of reasonably affluent women, roughly age fifty, who use the internet mainly for virtual knitting circles and, you’ll never guess…PODCASTS. HELLO! Resident genius video makers. I have no skills personally, but somebody should totally get on that. Just sayin’.

Ed O’Reilly Reminder: Just a reminder that Ed O’Reilly is running a Democratic Primary challenge campaign against traditional netroots hero, John Kerry. (we know, he used to be an arch nemesis, but O-bots can’t be expected to display that kind of intellectual consistency, now can they?) If you can afford to, you can donate to his campaign here.

It’s Not About Hillary: Fantastic post by myiq2xu over at Klownhaus. There were so many offensive events during the primary season, it’s sometimes hard to keep them straight. I know I’ve been harping in the rigged aspect of it, but myiq2xu brings up another salient point about race, CDS, and the morality of rewarding anyone for such behavior. This one is definitely worth your time, but read it when you have a good half hour or more, because it is long and thought-provoking.

Obama backs Bush Dog Democrat over Progressive challenger: h/t Black Agenda Report. Sorry for the TPM link. You can read the report at BAR if you’d rather avoid giving TGwKJM hits.

Opposition at thepowerofnarrative: One day in the future, when everyone is as smart as Arthur Silber, we’ll all be talking about Once Upon A Time. I keep stumbling across this blog. It’s sometimes way over my head, and I don’t agree with everything, but I keep coming back because I love the level of discourse and because it challenges me. This is an older post from early May about opposition and the illusion of opposition. I think PUMA has the potential to be real opposition. We just have to figure out how to keep control of our brand, and build the narrative.

Update on Debra Bartoshevich: She’s the Clinton delegate from Wisconsin who said she might vote for McCain over Obama in November.

5 things your cell phone can do: Warning: this website is shockingly, nauseatingly pink. But this is a cool article. I stumbled across it surfing tagsurfer or something. I didn’t know some of this, like how to unlock remote keyless entry locks with them. Thought you might also find it useful.


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