After-hours Bait and Switch

In the continuing saga of As the Democrats Turn, we find sophomoric Senate leaders demonstrating what they learned from upper class Republicans who recently graduated to the School of Criminal Investigation & Punditry. I’m referring, of course, to the very Fristian inclination for political theater and after-hours arm-twisting, especially when it comes to important legislation that the people are opposed to, but that Very Powerful People want passed. And, of course, the very Delay-esque method of moral equivocation.

Meet Harry Reid. He’s the no nonsense, pro-life Senator from Nevada, and fearless leader of Senate Democrats. As recently as yesterday he was saying that FISA would not come up again until after July 4th. Sadly, he reversed himself today, and forced a cloture vote on the bill. While I would like to feel sorry for the netroots for being the jilted lover they are, Barry’s Dear Jane letter should have been enough to tip them off that the relationship was over. It’s not my fault they sat by the phone, refusing to believe they’d just been dumped, even though the words were right there on the page in front of them. No, they let Barry’s friend, Harry, come over and comfort them, and he took unfair advantage, and now that they’ve been fucked by both of them, neither one will want them anymore.

Boohoo. Stalkers.


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