Celebrate! (We’re all going to hell version)

I’d like to thank readers of this blog as we approach one thousand hits. That’s quite an accomplishment in just two short weeks. I appreciate the support. And I’m feeling less alone. I hope you are too. Please do leave a comment if you’ve been hanging about, even if you just tend to lurk. We could all stand to get to know each other a bit better, so take the plunge. I’ll hang around for a bit tonight to keep up with the conversation, should one develop.

In the meantime, please enjoy this fantabulous video from the wonderful Bastard Fairies.

You may remember these guys from two years ago when there was a hullabalo about the use of a child actor in this video. I loved this video so much it was my first favorite. Hope you enjoy it too, though it is old. This is, for the record, what liberals used to sound like.



6 comments on “Celebrate! (We’re all going to hell version)

  1. annabellep says:

    I’ll go first. You can find more about me and why I blog on the “About P&L” tab at the top of the page. I think I’ve explained myself fairly well there, so I won’t bore you with reiterations.

    I will say that my intent with this blog is to get people paying attention to, and articulating in rational ways, their opposition to the current power structure in control of the Democratic Party, including Obama. I really think we have to be able to build a narrative, one that isn’t necessarily emotional, for why it’s important enough to defeat the Democratic authoritarians and risk 4 years of a Republican executive. I’m working on ideas for posts along those ideas. What are your ideas?

  2. CMike says:

    The thread for your June 8 Blogger Boyz post is stale so if you don’t mind I’ll put my comment here. Here is my recommendation for a daily read. About the only blogger out there who is a more prolific reader/poster than Atrios is Avedon Carol. She is a linking machine. In fact, when Atrios is out of town she pinch hits for him as Not Atrios while continuing to post on her own blog The Sideshow.

    Avedon is a dyed in the wool lefty so be forewarned, you won’t find much in the way of Hillary love from her. Then again, you will not find any Obama love from her either.

    She participates her comment threads. I ended up as one of the regular Clintonistas there and did battle with the Obamacans who ranged from the “up yours” types to the long winded pedantic ones. Avedon doesn’t bar anyone very often, rather she engages those commenting at her blog by mirroring their voice. It’s “I beg to differ” for some and “F. U. a**hole” for others.

    Throughout the primaries Avedon was entirely fair in refereeing the controversies that came up but again, her default attitude towards Clinton and Obama was along the lines of “a pox on both of those right-wingers’ houses.”

    If you read her blog for a week I think you’ll be hooked. Lots of A and B list bloggers read and rely on her to keep up with what’s interesting but a bit obscure in the blogosphere. When you comment at The Sideshow, you can include your homepage url so it’s a good place to network without looking like you’re blog whoring. If Avedon links to you, you’ll get some traffic.

  3. annabellep says:

    Awesome, thanks for the tips, CMike. I am definitely checking that site out.

  4. CB says:

    Hi Annabellup,

    I found your site from your post on The Confluence. We need to get the word out about PUMA.

    Also, it would be stellar if a million woman march could take place in Denver.

    There are meetups organizing in the San Francisco Bay area.

  5. annabellep says:

    Hey thanks, CB, and nice to meet you. I do have a dream of going to Denver for the convention, but I’m afraid poor planning and even poorer finances will make that impossible. I’m open to finding creative ways of getting there, and may even have a place to stay close-by if I can get there, but getting there, and the cost of being there are themselves pretty big barriers for me. As a substitute teacher, summers are usually pretty tight for us.

    And I couldn’t agree more about PUMA. This site is dedicated to building the movement. Thanks for your support!

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