Obama’s “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” Connection

I’m not sure why this hasn’t gotten more attention, but it certainly raised my eyebrows this evening. While doing some casual research on Obama, I ran across this old article at the Chicago Sun Times reporting on Obama’s stock problems (I don’t recall hearing much about this at the time). The story involves a trust he thought was blind but wasn’t (can you imagine Hillary Clinton trying to claim that kind of ignorance? Ha!) and some stocks he bought from companies whose investors were also (surprise!) his political donors. You know, just the kind of appearance of quid pro quo you want to avoid, especially if you’re a new, young Senator with aspirations to higher office.

As bad as that is, that’s not what I’m here to write about. What caught my attention most was an apparent incidental just over halfway down. To wit:

Another Obama donor who invested in the same stocks — which were characterized as “obscure” in thestreet.com story — was Jared Abbruzzese. He was also a donor to the anti-John Kerry Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and is being investigated by the FBI in New York for public corruption.

Bolding mine. So of course, my first question is, why is a guy that donated to the SBVfT suddenly giving money to Obama? And wtf if Kerry doing supporting someone who accepts donations from someone like that? I just had to dig further. Turns out Abbruzzese donates almost exclusively to Republicans, but he donated $10,000 to Obama’s PAC, HopeFund (His trust was called “Freedom Trust.” Could he be more Bush-like in his Orwellian naming?) in 2005. WTF was THAT about? I really have no idea, and I won’t even venture to speculate. I did think it was interesting, and that it wasn’t nearly the whole story. If I were a paid journalist I think I’d be trying to figure it out, and to see what other conservative connections Obama may have.

Update: Wow, apparently our insomnia-induced research has been picked up by Rezko Watch, and Abbruzzese’s past has been explored a little more there. Worth checking out.


2 comments on “Obama’s “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” Connection

  1. vickie c says:

    What is it going to take to get the press to report this stuff.

    Larry Sinclair is going before the NPC tomorrow and yet it will not be live stream.

    Because the media will not go against George soros and others

    Obama’s people have not just threathened Larry but has tracked all of his supporters and Rev James Manning who says it right on video

    Why cana’t we get somebody to go to NPC tomorrow and air this story?

    We do not want this man in the White House period ! STOP HIM NOW

  2. annabellep says:

    I thought the Larry Sinclair thing was going to be on C-Span? I do want to see that. I’m sure clips will make the rounds at YouTube, but it’d be a shame if we couldn’t watch it in real time. I’m curious to get a look at the guy. I have no idea if his allegations are true, but I always love a good freakshow.

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