Against Obama

Well, well, well, google searches certainly can be fun. Check out all of the groups that are against Obama:

Against Barack Obama

Chicagoans Against Obama

Jews Against Obama

Democrats Against Obama

More Democrats Against Obama

Americans Against Obama

Also, worthy of note:

A Historian Against Obama

The money quote for me:

I categorically reject the notion that I or anyone else should vote for Obama as “a symbolic opportunity to break with a tradition of bigotry” in what is shaping up to be easily the most critical election in a generation. That a group of distinguished historians would advocate such a consideration, even in passing, is deeply troubling to me. The only way to break with this tradition is to judge Senator Obama not by the color of his skin, to paraphrase Martin Luther King, but by the content of his character.

This was also good, and what I’ve been saying in real life for some time:

Nor does Senator Obama’s 2006 book, The Audacity of Hope, offer assurances that he comprehends the enormity of the next president’s task. On the contrary, he appears to value compromise and civility over bold and decisive action. In his book, Obama looks longingly back to “a time before the fall, a golden age in Washington when, regardless of which party was in power, civility reigned and government worked.” He writes, “I believe any attempt by Democrats to pursue a more sharply partisan and ideological strategy misapprehends the moment we’re in.”

But there can be no civility or compromise with a president who spies on American citizens without a warrant, who tortures suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, who manipulates and fires U.S. Attorneys in order to politicize their positions, or who pardons an aide who has outed a CIA agent. We do not need Obama to heal the rift between good and evil, or to bind up the nation’s wounds with Bush’s venom still in her bloodstream. Obama’s balms of civility and bipartisanship may lull Americans into complacency, but they seem ill-equipped to end the outrages and injustices of the current administration’s policies and restore America to moral solvency. Obama has given us no indication that he will exercise the bold, far-reaching, and, yes, partisan leadership that will be necessary to undo the travesties of the past seven years.

Forgiving and forgetting with the current crop of Republicans is the same road Jimmy Carter took, and it got us Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43, not to mention a considerably weakened opportunity for Clinton. It led to the increasing rise of the religious right and a conservative support system, complete with infiltration of the media by operatives. Jimmy Carter is not solely to blame, of course. Plenty of our current crop of Democratic cowards were around then, like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. If we can defeat Obama before or at the Convention, we may salvage our only hope to avoid taking this road again. And quite frankly, the stakes are higher this time around.

That said, here’s what I’m doing in that effort today, in case anyone was interested. Via PUMApac, you can locate your PUMA neighbors who’ve contributed to Clinton. Then you can contact them to join the movement. I’ve gone further and have copied all of the addresses in my zip code who’ve donated to a Dem presidential candidate this year, even recording who they donated to. I plan to target the Clinton/Other supports to join the movement. I’ll use the Obama supporter info to lobby them against Obama as well. It’ll require different strategies, but it’s only 30 addresses so far, and maybe I can have an impact in my community this summer. You should think about doing it. A lot of my effort will be homemade postcards, which will require substantially less postage. I’ve got a ton of Nobama graphics to use. Could be a cheap way to begin taking the movement offline.


One comment on “Against Obama

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Here a supporter of Obama! Thats different! 🙂

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