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Hey folks, just a quick note as it’s a beautiful day and I’m about to get out in it.

A few years ago Talk of the Nation did a segment on the growing influence of political blogs, and how this was a decidedly male phenomenon, and that the result of that lop-sided representation was a style of writing that was aggressive, retributive, and exclusionary (not to mention sexist–google Pie Wars @ Daily Kos).

Since that time more and more women have gotten involved, but it is still a lop-sided exercise as the top liberal blogs, with the exceptions of Hullabaloo and Firedoglake, are all male-run enterprises. Hence the presence of yours truly. I may not make a big splash or become a top-tier blogger, but I will do what I can to counter those efforts, and to give women a voice in the political blogosphere.

I’ve been participating in the blogosphere for over four years now, and here’s what my daily top sites looked like last summer:

Talking Points Memo
Daily Kos
Crooks & Liars
Digby’s Hullabaloo

…in roughly that order. Since I don’t visit any of those blogs anymore, with the exception of the occasional visit to Digby and and FDL, I will not offer links. I don’t want their traffic increased. They don’t deserve it, in my opinion, not even FDL and Hullabaloo, because they played by the blogger boyz rulez, or, as in the case of Digby, buried their heads in the sand to protect their privileged positions.

I will, however, offer links to the following blogs, which I post as an example of how my daily reading has changed since just last year. These blogs need and deserve your support, so please, do them the honor of increasing their traffic if you have time.


The Confluence




Echidne of the Snakes

Daily Howler

With the exception of the incomparable Somersby @ the Daily Howler, all of these blogs have been started and are run by women. Somersby always earns a daily click in my book for his ability to cut to the quick, and his refusal to be owned by anyone, or swayed by the cockamamie rhetoric of the blogger boyz.

As for the rest, not all of these ladies are on board with me regarding the stolen primary and the illegitimate nomination of The Precious®. Some, such as Jeralyn at TalkLeft and Echidne are on board with unity. I don’t blame them, or anyone who wants unity, though I will not join them. They are still voices, however, for the take-down women got from jocular men and anti-feminist women who are seeking to protect their place of privilege in the male hierarchy of the MSM and the blogosphere this primary season. So show ’em some love for me, k? Thanks!

Update: Thanks to commenter Scoff for increasing the circle of readership by posting a link to Corrente, another great blog. If you know of any other great blogs, please post links in comments.


9 comments on “Blogger Boyz

  1. Arabella Trefoil says:

    Hi annabellep –

    Love your new place. I loved looking at your “before and after” blog lists. Mine are similar.

    Best of luck!


  2. annabellep says:

    Thanks Arabella! I think the blogosphere is changing and it’s exciting to be able to participate. I’m tagging all of my political posts with PUMA for the time being, so people can easily find them. Be sure to check back if you have time!

  3. scoff says:


    You might consider adding Corrente to your list of blogs that deserve support. While not strictly a pro-Hillary site, the writers there have consistently spoken out against the misogyny and sexism as practiced by the Blogger Boyz and the MSM.

    As with you and Arabella, my circle of blogs worth reading has been severely constricted. Talk Left has gone off the rails as of yesterday. The other, formerly-worthwhile blogs you mentioned are anathema. They won’t get any traffic from me from here on out.

    Good luck with your blog. I’ve added you to my favorites, and I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. annabellep says:


    Good point. I do read Corrente. I like it quite a bit, but don’t visit every day. I think I’ll add an update that readers should post other worthwhile blogs in comments. Thanks for the comment and support!

  5. Phylise says:

    This is beautiful site and I can almost smell the fresh air. You have listed my favourite blogs. Many “Marshans” (I’m not one) are looking for a new home since Taylor, who has asserted for many months that no sane person would vote for Obama, is now urging them to jump off that cliff she warned them about, because “it’s just politics baby”. I recommended that they come here – unfortunately, my comment was deleted in “moderation”. I wish you success and look forward to checking in daily.

  6. annabellep says:

    Thank you so much for the feedback, Phylise. And I very much appreciate the attempt at recommending me at other sites. That was very kind of you.

    It is a shame what happened to TM. All her rhetoric appears to be posturing in hindsight, but I could kind of tell that, which is why I never became a hardcore Marshan.

  7. dissenta says:

    Congratulations on your new site, annabell. Your former blog roll looked a lot like mine, with Daily Kos near the top. During the last four years of the Bush era I had found inspiration in Daily Kos’ resistance to Bush reverberated by Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” show and his “special comments.” No longer.

    In the last three months I’ve undergone a transformation of consciousness, turning on the fulcrum of my revulsion for Hillary Hatred on Kos and KO. I left Daily Kos and began reading Jeralyn Merrit’s Talk Left (which I had already followed for years for good coverage of legal issues) and The Confluence, both of which gave Hillary the fair shake she was not getting on Kos or KO (or elsewhere in much of the media).

    My story has doubtless been multiplied thousands of times and not just by women. Many of my male friends have done the same, being true progressives averse to cruelty, injustice and unfairness when they find it anywhere, including when incessantly thrown at Hillary whom they considered a better candidate and presidential prospect than Obama. The Dem primary has caused a seismic shift in blogosphrics — and the concept of “blogger boyz” is a key part of it.

    Here’s a question for discussion you might consider developing into a blog entry: Do you think there might be any merit to the idea that Keith Olbermann might have used his reverberating demographic echo chamber to virtually “play a drum” between his show and Daily Kos to attract young male “blogger boyz” to enrich his viewing audience for the benefit of increased advertising revenues in that young male demographic? The denigration of Hillary Clinton was an ideal engine for such a transaction, if, in fact, this was part of the motivation for KO’s incessant attacks on her, the height of which was reached in his “special comment” on Hillary’s RFK comment which viciously absurd.

    Perhaps my theory is incorrect. Or the theory is correct but the transaction was not conscious. I dunno. I’m not reaching for it. It struck me nearly everywhere I looked in nearly every quarter, Tweety’s show and the whole gamut of MSNBC shows, CNN and Wolf Blitzer — they all seemed to benefit by an intense Hillary Hatred that was a consistent, continuous, repeated hum of mumbling denigration from nearly every pundit under nearly every breath and from most of the women too. Donna Brazile — I can say nothing more than her name without wanting to throw up. I wonder how much major media audiences and readerships have been enhanced by Hillary Hatred in the last six months? There is no reasonable way to study the question but it gnaws at me.

    Of the new blogs I now read, I am most impressed by The Confluence and Anglachel, the latter a brilliant thinking person’s blog I wish I’d discovered earlier. Now I’ve discovered yours and I thank you.

    In the last few months I’ve developed greater respect for Hillary Clinton whose political efforts and causes I have supported for 16 years. She would not counsel me to vote for John McCain. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about Obama. By election day I will know. Most likely I will vote for him and keep his feet to the fire in every way I can.

  8. annabellep says:


    Great comment, and thank you for making it. You know, I have given this KO thing some thought, but I was forming an opinion around his history as a sportscaster, and the super-jocularity of that environment. I’ll be mulling over this idea of ratings increases for a few days, and who knows, a post might just make it out of my head. Thanks for the tip.

    And I couldn’t agree more with you about Anglachel. She’s just amazing. So smart, so good at zeroing in certain aspects of political life, and tries to be fair, but is not impermeable to the outrage of injustice. She’s my favorite new find and I check her out everyday, first thing. (Well, after this one, now…gotta release comments). She also has moderated comments (now, didn’t used to).

  9. […] I actually wrote about how that list was changed dramatically as a result of what went down during the U. S. primary. The post is Blogger Boyz. […]

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